This is a sad post.

Sometime earlier this year, I came up with 2 great ideas to start 2 initiatives I was sure would travel a distance in improving entrepreneurship in Nigeria. A while ago I had to stop work on both. My heart broke and I cried.

People don’t understand how it is with an entrepreneur; your idea is your baby! It’s what you live for, wake up thinking about and sleeping worrying about. You defend it with all you have got, your time, money, words and prayers. You talk about it to anyone who has ears and you get really offended when someone speaks ill of it.

It’s that sparkle in our eyes but sometimes ideas die and dreams remain dreams. It’s hard to bear but true that some pregnancies are miscarried and some seeds never germinate.

In those moments, what’s left for the dreamer/mother/farmer/entrepreneur to do is to hold their own hands and look up. We have to believe in what makes us entrepreneurs, the desire to build something the world hasn’t seen, capable of changing the world. We have to take time to heal and learn from our past failures and then rise up to face the future.

At this time, we can’t just stay down with a pity party. Like a lion, we must rise and lick our wounds and move on.

Ideas are worth a penny, some ideas do change the world…our mission is to find it and show it to the world.

…A tribute to every entrepreneur who has ever had to bear the death of their idea.

The Sun is Rising!

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