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Last week, I wrote about how I would be looking for problems to solve and providing solutions for them. Sequel to that, I have come up with a list of 14 businesses to start in Nigeria that require almost no start-up fund and can be launched in less than 1 week.

These businesses can be started by anyone with the required skills; it doesn’t matter whether you are an undergraduate, unemployed or employed. You can see them as side businesses or grow them into full-fledged enterprises. Click To Tweet

It’s the Season of Love and we are just 3 days away from Valentine’s Day. A day that most couples look forward to; it’s an avenue to assess their partner’s love for them as well as for them to show their love to their partners. While that is all well and good, I have decided to do something rather strange this valentine; I would be looking for problems!

Every female, most especially the pregnant women would agree with me that the most fascinating as well as scary part of giving birth to a child is the delivery of the child. Click To Tweet The process of conception of that child is as interesting and enjoyable as you want it to be, the months of gestation (don’t mind my grammar, it means the period in which the woman carries the baby in her womb) can be easy or stressful depending on the mother’s health but the climax of them all is the moment of delivery.

Starting a business just like other events in a person’s life must be well planned and timed and a number of factors must be taken into consideration before launching out the new venture. Before I delve into those factors and my opinion of what time is right to start your business, I would like to draw your attention to times that people commonly start businesses.

“It is a good day to change the world, i better start now”.

Changing the world is now everyone’s goal and it has become sort of cliched but when is anyone going to get up and start changing the world? Really!!! Changing the world is a very big term and it is a big thing but taking it in bite-sizes it can be done. One particularly irritating thing for me is hearing people reading newspapers or watching T.V et complaining or cursing at what they read, saying how this and that could have done it better. Stop shouting, shut up and change your own world. Open your eyes wide and change the way you look at the world.