Strategy Sessions

We help entrepreneurs gain clarity over nagging business issues

WE HELP ENTREPRENEURS Gain clarity over nagging startup challenges

Do you have a startup/business problem and would like to talk about it with our consultants? Schedule a call to discuss anything related to your business/startup with us.

Whether you need to brainstorm an idea, prepare for an investor presentation, solve a non-typical, pressing problem, think strategically about your business, create an implementation plan, our consultants are available to work closely with you via a private Strategy Session.


Concise & Actionable

All plans & strategies provided by us are realistic, actionable, and easy to deploy to your business.

Industry Experts

Our startup consultants have started and ran businesses and have deep investment banking & consulting experience

Market Research

We back up all our ideas & solution with extensive industry & market research which you can bank on to make smart business decisions
When you book a Strategy Session with our startup experts, here's what happens.
Before the Strategy Session:
  • We understand your business via your website or social media platforms and/or any information you’ve shared with us;
  • We brainstorm your startup needs within our team and come up with strategies and solutions about your startup need;
  • We look for other potential areas of optimization in your business and brainstorm ideas for that too.
During the Strategy Session:
  • You and one of our startup experts talk deeply about your business needs;
  • We share our ideas with you and check for fit and ease of deployability;
  • If the ideas we had and came up with during the business don’t work well for your business, we make a note to come back to you within 1-3 business day on another strategy session, free of charge;
  • We discuss and brainstorm idea implementation plans with you as well.
After the Strategy Session:
  • We put all ideas discussed and agreed upon in a document and share them with you after the session. You also get the recording of the session if you so desire;
  • You get the option of a 15-min follow-up call one month after (or any other agreed-upon time) to review the implementation of the idea.


All our strategy sessions hold online via Zoom.

Why The Wumbb



We understand the value of your privacy. Your work is safe with us as we sign Non-Disclosure Agreements with all our clients & prospects.


We think outside the box and deliver strategies to keep your audience informed, engaged and motivated.


Our experienced team is made up of former investment bankers, consultants, and entrepreneurs. We know our onions!


We understand that time is money thus we work productivity to deliver within agreed timelines.


We have worked with clients across various industries, business stages, and sectors. We don’t discriminate against project size or scope.

Startup Culture

Our team is agile, young and at the forefront of the latest innovation.
Startup Reached
Industries Covered
Transactions Completed
Insights Shared



  • Free
  • 15 minutes chat with a startup expert
  • Discuss any startup topic including ideas, planning, human resources, marketing, raising funds


90 - minutes strategy session
  • 90 minutes chat with a startup expert
  • Pre-meeting company deep dive
  • In-depth review of any relevant documents
  • Discuss any startup topic including ideas, planning, human resources, marketing, raising funds, and venture capital
  • Strategy document after meeting
  • Meeting recording shared with you
  • Team meeting (our startup expert and up to 3 members of your team)
  • 15% discount off any two of our services and/or templates
  • Post strategy session review (a 30-minute call)
Need further clarification or more options? Send us a message