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whats holding you back
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Whats Holding You Back?

As we progress through different stages in life, some things (more like thoughts or mindsets) seem to hold us back. Things such as; “I’m not old enough” or “I’m too…

how to start a business without quitting your job.
Business Planning Entreprenuers Starting a Business

How to Start a Business without Quitting Your Job

Many times, when we think about the word “Entrepreneur” what comes to mind is a rebel, a misfit, someone who breaks the rules, does something out of the ordinary and…

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What you should do on Valentine’s Day

It’s the Season of Love and we are just 3 days away from Valentine’s Day. A day that most couples look forward to; it’s an avenue to assess their partner’s…


I Want to Change the World

“It is a good day to change the world, i better start now”. Changing the world is now everyone’s goal and it has become sort of cliched but when is…