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Where Do Ideas Come From?

Ideas are worth a penny but good ideas don’t come cheaply or easily; at least to the most of us. We tend to think of inventors as another species—geniuses—who have sudden flashes of insight. Some of us can’t think of a single instance when a light bulb went off in our head, leading to some killer new idea. According to historians who specialize in the development of inventions and the thought processes of inventors, innovation is often a slow and iterative process. [National Geographic].

how to start a business without quitting your job.

Many times, when we think about the word “Entrepreneur” what comes to mind is a rebel, a misfit, someone who breaks the rules, does something out of the ordinary and changes the world. He usually has an eureka moment when he has discovered the next big thing and then starts work immediately on that idea, quits his job immediately and uses his garage as an office to build the next big thing. This view of the entrepreneur isn’t a realistic one, especially in our economy and culture.

Every female, most especially the pregnant women would agree with me that the most fascinating as well as scary part of giving birth to a child is the delivery of the child. Click To Tweet The process of conception of that child is as interesting and enjoyable as you want it to be, the months of gestation (don’t mind my grammar, it means the period in which the woman carries the baby in her womb) can be easy or stressful depending on the mother’s health but the climax of them all is the moment of delivery.

Starting a business just like other events in a person’s life must be well planned and timed and a number of factors must be taken into consideration before launching out the new venture. Before I delve into those factors and my opinion of what time is right to start your business, I would like to draw your attention to times that people commonly start businesses.