one page business plan

The One Page Business Plan is a simple solution to a complex problem. Many entrepreneurs don’t have the time to write their plans or the money to hire someone to do it; and the lack of a business plan can mean the absence of direction for your business.

This one page business plan is 1-page and captures the key aspects of a successful business. It can be filled in 30 minutes or less and is very effective in clarify your idea and pointing direction for your idea or business.

You can use it to clarify or put down the idea running in your head or tell someone about your idea without revealing too much.

It is free to download and use.

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I am interested in Startup Finance and building startups into successful businesses, i have worked with several startups ensuring their success. Besides taking over the world, I enjoy reading, writing and dressing up. Catch up with me on social media.

Omotayo B Adeoye

I am interested in Startup Finance and building startups into successful businesses, i have worked with several startups ensuring their success. Besides taking over the world, I enjoy reading, writing and dressing up. Catch up with me on social media.

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