This is a sad post.

Sometime earlier this year, I came up with 2 great ideas to start 2 initiatives I was sure would travel a distance in improving entrepreneurship in Nigeria. A while ago I had to stop work on both. My heart broke and I cried.

People don’t understand how it is with an entrepreneur; your idea is your baby! It’s what you live for, wake up thinking about and sleeping worrying about. You defend it with all you have got, your time, money, words and prayers. You talk about it to anyone who has ears and you get really offended when someone speaks ill of it.

Last week, I wrote about how I would be looking for problems to solve and providing solutions for them. Sequel to that, I have come up with a list of 14 businesses to start in Nigeria that require almost no start-up fund and can be launched in less than 1 week.

These businesses can be started by anyone with the required skills; it doesn’t matter whether you are an undergraduate, unemployed or employed. You can see them as side businesses or grow them into full-fledged enterprises. Click To Tweet

It’s the Season of Love and we are just 3 days away from Valentine’s Day. A day that most couples look forward to; it’s an avenue to assess their partner’s love for them as well as for them to show their love to their partners. While that is all well and good, I have decided to do something rather strange this valentine; I would be looking for problems!