Congratulations! You have gotten to the stage where you need extra hands to keep things going smoothly in your business. As your startup gets bigger, the need arises to bring on people to join your team and it’s important to think about not only the kind of person you’re hiring, but also the role they’ll play in your growing business. In the few months when I worked as a Human Resources Administrator at a Startup one thing I realized quickly was the difficulty startups face in attracting and retaining the best people for the job. 

Many things go into recruting a person to fill a role in your organisation. It goes deeper than just roles and responsibilities. A Job Analysis template will help you think deeply about the role you want to recruit into.

Conducting a SWOT analysis before starting out in business is a crucial first step for anyone serious about succeeding in business. Just like when going into battle, you need to know what’s in your arsenal, where your weak points are and where your strong points are, what can you capitalize on in the environment etc. This is exactly what a SWOT analysis gives you as an entrepreneur. 

one page business plan

The One Page Business Plan is a simple solution to a complex problem. Many entrepreneurs don’t have the time to write their plans or the money to hire someone to do it; and the lack of a business plan can mean the absence of direction for your business.