As business people, we ought to glean knowledge from all sources, experiences and circumstances. After watching the dynamics of the just concluded 2015 Presidential Elections, i learn’t 7 business lessons from 2015 Nigeria elections.

  1. Persevere. Many times in business, we don’t hit it the first time we try it; but no matter how hard it is to continue or how old you are or how many times you have failed at it, try again! This might just be the time you hit it right. Many of us have worked at business 1 or 2 times and have failed at it Click To Tweet but instead of concluding that you are no good, can’t do it or any other lie you might be telling yourself, don’t give up, keep at it until something happens. [GMB lost the elections 3times in a row but won it on his last attempt]
  2. Embrace a flexible strategy. Most times our concept isn’t what’s wrong, but our approach at pursuing it. Our idea could be with the wrong people, released at the wrong time or on the wrong platform; at these times, the solution isn’t to throw away the entire concept but to revisit our strategy and approach. [GMB changed parties from ANPP, CPC till he got to APC]
  3. Maintain your calm in all situations. There are a lot of moments in business when you don’t want to keep calm, anything but keep calm. Moments like when a co-founder/partner walks out with half your clientele, when the investor you are banking on backs out, employees gets on your nerves, customers take you for granted etc. aren’t exactly the Keep Calm moments but as entrepreneurs we must master this one skill of keeping a leveled head in all circumstances (good or bad) Click To Tweet. Especially in moments when you are being accused or insulted, times when the pressure is high and mounting; always ensure you keep your cool and not lose your balance and focus. [Attahiru Jega]
  4. Impossibility doesn’t exist. There are some dreams and aspirations that seem impossible to attain, those thoughts you have that make people ask if you are alright or tell you to be realistic. We hear statements like “This is Nigeria”, “Nobody has ever done it”, “Don’t waste your time”, “Dreamer” and unfortunately we believe it. However, people’s opinions shouldn’t be what leads us or pushes us to a decision, it should be that fire in the soul of every entrepreneur and change maker out there. Click To Tweet [GMB – Never before has an incumbent president been defeated in an election but it was done by a 3times defeated, older man with no certificate]
  5. Your customer is very important to your success or failure. In business and life as well, never underestimate the power of people. People, especially your customers don’t forget your little mistakes or mistreatment of them and most times they don’t even let you know they are offended but they spread the message either by mouth or posting it on social media and gossip sites like Nairaland. From day 1 of your business, every action counts, so think deeply about every decision, every process and treat every customer and person like they are the only one you have. Click To Tweet Don’t overlook their subtle complains or needs.
  6. Your team is important to your success. No matter how good your product is, you need people to help you build and project these ideas so it can get to your target customers. Click To TweetThose people are crucial, don’t joke with them. Build a great team first; like minded people who are indeed ready to work, sell them the vision and its boom [#VoteforChange Movement – A lot of people participated in the campaigns for the elections whether directly or indirectly through arguments, BBM broadcast, social sharing of pictures & videos, posters, dps etc. Someone even sent me a mail with the vote for change slogan as their email signature.]
  7. Handle your failures well. A common thing in entrepreneurship is the failure of ideas to launch, grow, sell or attract favorable attention. Click To TweetIn business, the risk of failure is high and the pressure remains constant and sadly sometimes we fail. However in these moments, what matters most is how you handle the event, what do you do next? Most times we are overcome with emotions and we cry/lash out at people, we feel demotivated and ridicule ourselves by begging or fighting for a lost cause. No! In these moments, keep your calm, avoid increasing the extent of the failure unnecessarily, count your losses, look for a solution and be part of the new process. Participate! You want to make the right decisions at these times; no matter how many mistakes made at previous times, one right decision can turn the tide and you rise on top of it despite your failure. Click To Tweet [GEJ’s move to call GMB was strategic and fundamental in making him an international hero; in less than 5 minutes, all mistakes were wiped off and he became the man that saved the day; something we won’t forget in a hurry]
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Here are the business lessons from 2015 Nigeria elections, i hope you learn them and apply them to your business and life also.

Congratulations to all successful parties!

God bless Nigeria!


I am interested in Startup Finance and building startups into successful businesses, i have worked with several startups ensuring their success. Besides taking over the world, I enjoy reading, writing and dressing up. Catch up with me on social media.

Omotayo B Adeoye

I am interested in Startup Finance and building startups into successful businesses, i have worked with several startups ensuring their success. Besides taking over the world, I enjoy reading, writing and dressing up. Catch up with me on social media.


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