Well yes, suits isn’t about entrepreneurs at least not directly but we must all agree that the fashion game on the show is on point! Their clothes as well as their characters command respect; they have an air of professionalism, affluence and authority. As an entrepreneur, a new one for that matter what matters when people see you isn’t only what you offer but how you are offering it. Your audience (potential investors/clients) will most likely not remember all the 10 special things your new app can do for them or how long the code was for the newest software you are putting together but they sure will remember how you look and how you made them feel; they will remember if they didn’t like you initially or if they felt at ease with you.

It’s true you can’t fake it till you make it in entrepreneurship; you either know what you are doing or you don’t but dressing like early Zuckerberg to show you are an entrepreneur won’t help you unless you are a true tech genius whom we have no other choice than listen to. There is a look you must maintain as an entrepreneur if you plan to stick out of the crowd and make your audience remember you and your wonderful product/service.

Looking good isn’t about what designer brands you wear or whether you look rich, it’s simply about maintaining a good sense of style- the clothes, the hairstyle, your shoes, and also the way you carry and take care of yourself gives other people a positive impression and memory of you.

“The lifestyle of an entrepreneur isn’t glamorous, nor should it be, but it needs professional and adult standards.” – Entrepreneur Magazine.

An entrepreneur should always appear in;

  • mens-brown-double-breasted-blazer-striped-shirt-contrast-collar-burgundy-tie-outfit-ideaNice fitting clothing – whether it’s a shirt and trouser or 3-piece suit, it must fit right, it shouldn’t be saggy or too tight; avoid loud logos or symbols and ensure your cloths are ironed at all times. Your cloths should also be in appropriate business colors such as blue, white, gray, navy, brown and black; use loud colors like red and yellow lightly or not at all. Wear colors that complement your complexion and bring out your best features.


  • Nice-hairstyles-for-black-womenNeatly done hair – your hair (male/female) could be in any style but it should fit you and shouldn’t be too overwhelming for your audience. Avoid distracting hairstyles and ensure you are neatly shaven as a guy.



  • Accessorize properly – A lot of people just put on their clothes without giving any care for the accessories used with it. Your accessories including shoes, bags, brooches, rings, earrings, cuff links, wristwatches, belts, bangles should be appropriate and decent. They should match each other i.e. don’t wear a gold wristwatch and a silver necklace/bangle and the accessories should complement your outfit (for ladies, a different neckline would require a different type and design of necklace). Every guy should invest in leather shoes, belts and a good digital leather/gold watch and every lady should have a classic pump, bag and a nice looking watch also.


  • Perfume – With fragrances, its either you smell nice or don’t smell at all but don’t go around smelling like you belong in the dump. Any form of odor is distracting and disrespectful to your audience nostrils. Deodorant and perfumes are crucial to creating a pleasant atmosphere for your audience. They should be used lightly and not overboard.


  • Lastly, put on some confidence – this is the most important part of your entire outfit. You can look good and get no results if you carry yourself like you don’t deserve to be where you are. You need to add a confident attitude to your entire ensemble which would show in your posture, handshake, smile and composure. Sit straight in chairs, don’t slouch your shoulders, shake strongly and smile truly.


Good luck!




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