Our mission is to help African entrepreneurs and their startups raise equity funding and build scalable global businesses. To support your business needs, we offer a wide range of business development services.

Ideation & Strategy

We help you through the process of generating, developing, and communicating your business ideas and achieve your business goals.


Through concise documents & templates, we assist you with communicating your goals, plan and strategies through well-thought roadmaps

Research & Analysis

We aid your decision making & business planning process by leveraging data analytics to make guided assumptions and forecasts and project performance.

Venture Financing

We guide you in navigating the complex world of raising money and relating with investors serving as a bridge between your startup & investors.

Business Plans

At the start of every business, it is important to envision and write out what the plan for the business is. Your business plan serves as a map to you and a signpost to investors. Writing business plans is our specialty at The Wumbb.

Financial Projections & Valuations

A financial projection can show an investor or other stakeholders that your business is financially viable and should be invested in. At The Wumbb, we help startups prepare financial projections and valuations.

Strategy Sessions

Do you have a startup/business problem and would like to talk about it with our consultants? During our virtual strategy sessions we discuss your startup challenges and provide strategies concerning the matter.

The Wumbb is a Startup Consulting firm with core competencies in building scalable businesses and venture financing

We are bullish on the African startup ecosystem and our mission is to help African entrepreneurs build, grow & scale businesses that have a global impact. We have a well-experienced team who deliver effective startup consulting solutions to our clients.

Startups Advised
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Intelligently prepared templates for your DIY startup needs

With Our Many Years of Experience and Deep Business & Finance Knowledge and Expertise We Crafted Core Business Templates to Help You Succeed on Your Own

We have a wide library of free & paid business templates that you can start using immediately. Our templates are supported with video guides and discounts on a strategy session with any of our consultants. When you are done, we can also help review and refine your work.

We listen to understand

You are the expert in your business and we don’t claim to know it better than you do we seek listen to you first.

We brainstorm & research

We employ our creative minds & actionable data to come up with ideas to move your business forward.

We prepare winning documents

We bring our ideas, research, hypothesis, and results together in well-presented road maps.

We support you to implement

We provide ongoing support to you as you navigate the implementation of the ideas and recommendations

We are your hands-on startup partners. From brainstorming ideas, choosing a viable business idea, setting up your business, hiring a team, scaling & growing your business, raising money, sourcing for startups for angel investing or venture capital, we’ve got you covered!

We help entrepreneurs prepare business plans, business proposals, investment teasers, pitch decks, term sheets, financial projections, and term sheets. When we come across exciting startups, we also make recommendations to the angel investors and venture capitals in our networks.

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